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If you missed our Money Matters courses in 2021, that's okay! Now ANYONE can use our online platform to learn basic AND advanced financial literacy topics.


We're able to offer this simple-to-use tool for FREE with support from the United Way of the Wabash Valley.

Scroll down to learn more about Banzai! and how you can create your free account and take a Financial Wellness Assessment.​

Banzai is an online financial literacy platform that offers you a FREE Financial Wellness Assessment PLUS hundreds of articles, calculators, coaching and real-life examples to help you get a handle on your current money situation.


How does this work?

It's easy! You create your free account when you take the Financial Wellness Assessment OR when you visit the site to explore articles and information on the following topics:

  • Saving

  • Insurance

  • Retirement

  • Taxes

  • Life Changes

  • Housing

  • Borrowing and Credit

  • Investing

  • Budgeting

  • Running a Business

What will I learn?

The sky is the limit, practically! Banzai has several ways to explore their site, allowing you to focus on exactly what you need help with and want to learn. Here are a few ways you can explore Banzai:

  • Take the Financial Wellness Assessment - It’s tempting to tell yourself that you’d rather not think about your financial health, but that’s a road to unnecessary headaches and unmet goals. This assessment will get you on the path to financial satisfaction.

  • Explore Collections - Collections are groups of articles, calculators, and coaching materials that focus on specific topics like Planning for an Emergency, Health Insurance, Building Credit, Managing Debt and SO MUCH MORE

  • Read Articles - If you want to explore all of the articles that Banzai has available to read, you can sort them and choose a specific category to focus on: Saving, Life Changes, Housing, Borrowing and Credit, Budgeting, and other financial topics.

  • Use Calculators - There are a variety of calculators on the site that allow you to input your personal financial information and receive instant feedback and suggestions. Most calculators only take a minute or two to interact with, and you can calculate things like Minimum Payments, Debt Payoff, Rent Affordability and more.

  • Get Coaching - Coaching modules are interactive activities that provide feedback based on your answers and specific situation. You can get coaching on topics like Saving with a Purpose, How to Build Credit, How to Repair Credit, How to Create a Budget, How to Trim Your Budget, and other life-affecting scenarios.

What is the benefit of all this?

We hope that you benefit in MANY ways from using Banzai! Ultimately we want you to gain confidence in your financial decision making, learn how to take control of your money, and make a better plan for the future.

There is NO LIMIT on how much you can use the site. Explore as much as you want, because your progress is saved in your account. There are hundreds of ways to interact and learn what you need to know.

If you are working with a case manager at Pathways or with one from our Veterans Services program, ask them about possible extra incentives for completing specific modules we have outlined as beneficial, based on our original 2021 Money Matters curriculum.

Ready to Get Started?


A FREE basic financial literacy course for low-income families and individuals that have never used a bank, want to learn more about how to spend less, and gain basic knowledge about their money.
  • Do you have a hard time understanding your income and expenses?

  • Do you struggle to pay your bills?

  • Do you feel like you don't know how to use money wisely?



The 2021 Money Matters courses have ended. Watch this page for courses we will offer in 2022.

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