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November 11-12th, 2023


After much thought and deliberation, it was unfortunately decided to cancel Vanguard this year. Due to inadequate number of staff to pull off all of the events we had planned this year, we are ONLY going to march in the Veteran's Day Parade and work with local agencies that want to host a collection box for Veteran Services. Please call Lavett Wilson at 317-201-6690 with questions.

This will be our 10th annual Operation Vanguard. Last year your generosity aided over 100 Homeless Veterans and their families as well as aiding over 120 at risk Veterans in need. 


What is Operation VanguarD?

Operation Vanguard is an annual event with two goals:

  1. Raise the funds needed for our Veterans Services team to continue their support of service members in our community, especially those that are homeless or with other risk factors.

  2. Raise awareness for our community members by exposing them to the plight of the homeless, giving them a small glimpse of what it means to be without shelter and food.

How it Works


Every November, we gather in our community to raise awareness of the complexity and frequency of Veteran homelessness in Vigo County as well as surrounding areas. We begin our weekend-long event by participating in the Veteran's Day Parade, and then host an Opening Ceremony that is also the official opening of the Operation Vanguard camp, which is where our Homelessness Challenge takes place. 


Throughout the weekend of Operation Vanguard you will see our staff and community participants camping outside of our main offices, collecting donations on street corners, and holding signs with facts about Veteran homelessness.

We are seeking volunteers, sponsors, and individual fundraisers to make this event successful. If you would like to come out and take this challenge with us for one day or three; please do!

Scroll down for all of the details you need to get involved with Operation Vanguard!



Businesses & Community Organizations are invited to sponsor Operation Vanguard. We have 3 sponsorship levels available, and encourage you to consider how your organization can help support our homeless Veterans.


Businesses and organizations can help support Operation Vanguard by using their personal networks to collect donations at their locations on behalf of Reach Veterans Services.


It takes many volunteers to make each Operation Vanguard event a success. You can choose to volunteer for a few hours or stay overnight at the Operation Vanguard camp for the full experience.


All donations received in conjunction with Operation Vanguard stay right here in the Wabash Valley! We accept donations of food, clothing, hygiene items, household items, and of course - money!

Vanguard Photos

CONTACT US TO BE A Vanguard 2023 sponsor!

Schedule of events


Due to inadequate number of staff to pull off all of the events we had planned this year, we are ONLY going to march in the Veteran's Day Parade and work with local agencies that want to host a collection box for Veteran Services. Please call Lavett Wilson at 317-201-6690 with questions.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

10:00am -- Veteran's Day Parade, Downtown Terre Haute

Join the Reach Veterans Services team as they walk in the parade! We will line up on 4th street behind Grand Traverse Pie Company at 8:00am. 

3:00pm -- Vanguard Opening Ceremonies, 1400 Hulman

Join the Mayor, event sponsors, our staff, the media and others for the official kick-off for Operation Vanguard 2023.

3:00 - 5:00pm - Veteran Resource Event, 1400 Hulman

New for 2023! This resource event for Veterans and their families will feature agencies and organizations that provide services to Wabash Valley Veterans

5:00pm -- Operation Vanguard camp opens for donations and homelessness challenge, 1400 Hulman

The donations received from our community during Vanguard each year are vital to helping us expand our services to Veterans in the Wabash Valley. From the time camp opens on Saturday and until it closes on Sunday, you will see volunteers holding signs and donation buckets for monetary donations, and you will see our staff and community members camping out 24 hours to experience just a taste of what homeless Veterans go through daily. You can also stop by the camp to donate other items like food, hygiene items, or clothing. 

Sunday, November 13, 2023

NOON -- Operation Vanguard ends and camp breaks, 1400 Hulman

The last chance to drop off donations or volunteer for this event is Sunday morning. At Noon this day Operation Vanguard ends, and we begin the work of totaling the community donations that will help support our outreach through the next year.




We invite businesses, organizations, and individuals to consider becoming a sponsor of the 2023 Operation Vanguard event. No Veteran should be without a home, and it is our goal to ensure that no Veteran in the Wabash Valley goes without one. 

Please download the 2-page document on this page for details about sponsorship levels, sponsor recognition, and why your sponsorship of this event is so important.


For more information you can contact Veteran Services Program Director Lavett Wilson at 317 201 6690 or email at



Please help us raise funds by finding those in your networks willing to donate to the cause. If you are willing to host a collection box for donations at your business or location, please let us know.

To challenge you on a personal level, we encourage you to consider not only collecting donations, but also committing to full participation in our Homelessness Challenge. That means committing to staying overnight at the Operation Vanguard camp.

Download the Information Form today and see how you can collect donations for Operation Vanguard yourself!



We need many volunteers to make each year's Operation Vanguard a success. You can help out for a few hours, or join us overnight for the full Operation Vanguard camp experience. To join the volunteer crew for this year's event, fill out the form at the bottom of this page with a brief description of how you would like to help or call Veteran Services Program Director Lavett Wilson at 317 201 6690.

Some volunteer opportunities:

  • Walk with us in the Veteran's Day Parade

  • Host a table at our Veteran Resource Event

  • Help collect donations at the Operation Vanguard camp (2-4 hour shifts)

  • Hold signs near the Operation Vanguard camp (2-4 hour shifts)

  • Hold donation buckets near the Operation Vanguard camp (2-4 hour shifts)

  • Provide meals and/or snacks and drinks for those participating in the Homelessness Challenge

  • Help set up before the event and/or help clean up after the event


We are asking for donations from our community. Every penny counts when it goes towards those in need. During Operation Vanguard, we will be accepting non-perishable food items, hygiene items, and monetary donations. We accept cash, check, and card.


If you live far away, or are unable to attend the event or help as a personal fundraiser, you can donate directly to Reach Veterans Services using the Paypal donation button on this page. Alternatively, you can also mail your donation to Operation Vanguard, C/o Reach Services, 1400 Hulman St., Terre Haute, IN 47802.


Our goal this year is $40,000!


Sponsorship Info

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